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Our program turns complex ideas into easy, actionable steps, helping you build a personalized plan for a debt-free college journey.

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60+ engaging videos that break down debt-free college planning into understandable segments, steering you clearly through each step

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Join us for free training on how to go to college DEBT-FREE! In this powerful training, you'll learn:

 Multiple strategies to avoid college debt!

 How to "stack" opportunities

A streamlined approach to a secure, debt-free college future.

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Ready to master the art of financing college without debt? Our program is designed to take you there! Here’s what you’ll gain:

 In-depth knowledge of the many funding options, including scholarship and beyond!

 Insider strategies to give you a competitive advantage

Access to regular Q&A sessions for personalized live support on your journey

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Are you an administrator or school professional looking for a speaker to inspire and inform your group? We offer trainings to:

 Teach students about money and how to go to college debt-free

Inspire students to overcome any obstacles standing in their way and believe in their potential.

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Feedback on our Training:


I won three outside scholarships this week! So far on this journey, I have won over $30,000 in external scholarships because of you. Baylor University is expensive, but I can proudly say that I will be going to Baylor debt-free my first year! I'm still waiting on more scholarship decisions and will keep applying like it's my part-time job. You have impacted my life for the better!

-Vanessa, Student


I learned about you when I was at my junior college. I knew I wanted to transfer but didn't want debt. You helped me win well over $100,000 in scholarships and graduate debt-free! I even got a $10,000 refund check because I didn't owe anything.

-Mallory, Student


I want to share how much you've helped my son. He followed your advice and was awarded a full scholarship at USI and IU. It pays for everything! Your tips made such a difference! Each day we are learning about more scholarships he has won. He is elated to see all of his hard work pay off!  I am telling everyone we know about you because the advice worked! 

-Amber, Parent 

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