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20+ video course detailing how to find, apply for, and stand out for scholarships. Learn expert secrets to help win scholarships!

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Join us for free training on how to win scholarships! In this scholarship training, you'll learn 3 expert secrets to help you:

 Find Scholarships

 Stand Out From The Crowd

Make Your Application Process Significantly Easier!

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Ready to dive into the scholarship world? Then this course if for you! You'll gain: 

 A comprehensive understanding of the best ways to win scholarships and save thousands on college!

 Expert secrets to help you stand out from the crowd and have an edge 

Live coaching and Q&A

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Are you an administrator or school professional looking for a speaker to inspire and inform your group? We offer trainings to:

 Teach students about money and how to go to college debt-free

Inspire students to overcome any obstacles standing in their way and believe in their potential.

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Feedback on our Training:


I won three outside scholarships this week! So far on this journey, I have won over $30,000 in external scholarships because of you. Baylor University is expensive, but I can proudly say that I will be going to Baylor debt-free my first year! I'm still waiting on more scholarship decisions and will keep applying like it's my part-time job. You have impacted my life for the better!

-Vanessa, Student


I learned about you when I was at my junior college. I knew I wanted to transfer but didn't want debt. You helped me win well over $100,000 in scholarships and graduate debt-free! I even got a $10,000 refund check because I didn't owe anything.

-Mallory, Student


I want to share how much you've helped my son. He followed your advice and was awarded a full scholarship at USI and IU. It pays for everything! Your tips made such a difference! Each day we are learning about more scholarships he has won. He is elated to see all of his hard work pay off!  I am telling everyone we know about you because the advice worked! 

-Amber, Parent 

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